How to choose to buy subscribers on YouTube

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Due to the quarantine, even more people began to think about how to make money on the Internet. One way is to create your own YouTube channel. But the question arises — how to get subscribers to it? And you can Buy Youtube Subscriberss here!

How to choose to buy subscribers on YouTube

In this article, we will analyze several ways to attract users to your channel and make them regular viewers.

The channel should be optimized as much as possible for the target audience. What to look for.

The desire to subscribe is influenced not only by the content of the videos, but also by the design. A beautiful, well-designed channel inspires confidence and the feeling that the author is serious about the matter. What is included in the design:

Avatar — this is usually the company logo or personal photo. We advise you to choose a recognizable picture without small details.

10 ways to attract subscribers to your YouTube channel

The header is the first thing people see when they visit the home page of any YouTube channel. They can also subscribe to you there (the second way is to click the Subscribe button under the video). The cap should answer 2 main questions of the viewer: “What is this channel about” and “Why should I subscribe to it”.


Video Covers — People can click on a video without even reading the title if the video has an attractive and informative cover. It should correspond to the theme of the video.

Keywords affect the promotion of a channel and individual videos in Google search and YouTube itself. You need to learn how to correctly compose titles and descriptions, select tags and hashtags, analyze statistics in order to understand where the viewers came from and for what requests. If some keywords bring the most viewers, then you need to use them and shoot another video on this topic.


If you have other resources besides the YouTube channel, then you can drive traffic back and forth. Be sure to post the link on your personal website (if you have one), on all your social networks, in email or push notifications.

TikTok allows you to get huge traffic in a short time, and you can safely send it to your YouTube channel. To specify the channel in your profile, you need to click «Edit Profile» — «Add a YouTube link to your profile.» Click, we are transferred to Google account, you need to select the one that is tied to the YouTube channel, after which the YouTube button will appear.

You can also attach your Instagram profile there. You can also add a link in the profile description (this option is still available for accounts with more than 10 thousand subscribers).

If you don’t have a TikTok account yet, be sure to start, switch to a PRO account and start filming a video for it.

If the channel has already gained a certain number of subscribers, then it is better not to risk cheating. Try to advance only with white methods. But to get the first 1,000 subscribers, you can use several services.

What you can do: Buy views, likes, reposts, comments and followers. To avoid being suspected of gray promotion methods, use the services carefully — all actions should be similar to the actions of an ordinary viewer. Namely — keep the interval, do not make too many reposts and comments at once, scatter actions on several videos.

That’s right: 1,000 views are split into 10 videos, each with a different number of views. There are more views than comments. The whole promotion process will take several days.


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